About us

Visit GoodPlace – the sustainable travel agency

Our mission

Our mission is to create authentic and unique experience for our guests while supporting responsible trade and nature preservation. With our sustainability policy, we aim to minimize negative effects on the natural and social environment and maximize benefits to local businesses supporting them towards sustainable management. Through our programs, we are rising awareness among our guests.

Visit GoodPlace sustainability policy

Here at the Visit GoodPlace travel agency, we like to stand out. We are a travel agency fully committed to sustainability principles. We strive to preserve the environment while motivating our partners, clients and suppliers to do the same. Furthermore, our relationship with our employees is one of great respect. It is an ongoing and never-ending process of building a sustainable ecosystem of responsible, but also satisfied stakeholders.

We prove our sustainability orientation with Travelife certification for agencies.

Our Environment

Overall, preserving our local community and planet is a key part of our sustainability policy. This is crucial in order for us to run our business for the long run. With this in mind, we place particular focus on the following areas:

  • Respect and complying with local environmental legislations, particularly with regards to energy and water consumption, waste management and other resource consumption (i.e. paper, etc.);
  • Introducing sustainability measures beyond what is defined by the legislation;
  • Monitoring the impact of our activities to the environment;
  • Communicating the sustainability policy, goals and required action items to our employees;
  • Communicating sustainability principles and our policy for reducing negative impacts to the environment to our partners, clients and suppliers;
  • Motivating our employees toward sustainable mobility.

Our Employees

Proudly, we treat our employees with great respect as they are the greatest asset and value that we have. In light of this we constantly do the following:

  • We respect and comply with local and international legislation regarding human rights and working conditions.
  • We do not discriminate employees based on sex, age, religion, culture, race.
  • We provide our employees regular education and training.
  • We communicate our policies to our employees and advise how they could contribute to its execution.
  • We hire local people as much as possible to support the local community.
  • We place special attention to safety and health protection for our employees.


Creating strong business relationships with suppliers that equally value environment protection is part of our sustainability policy. Therefore:

  • We always do our best to find local suppliers for the goods that we purchase.
  • We give preference to the goods that are recyclable.
  • We give preference to the goods that are certified for their minimum negative impact to the environment.