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Best hiking trails in Slovenia

In the green heart of Europe, you can find some of the best hiking trails Slovenia has to offer. There are more than 10,000 km of picturesque mountain trails and more than 5,000 km of Slovenia walking trails, where you can truly embrace the mountains, overlook the Mediterranean sea and walk on the trails of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage, which is as colourful as it’s landscape.

Slovenian mountain trail

Take a walk on the longest and by far the most popular long-distance Slovenia walking trail. It begins in the city of Maribor in the Štajerska region and then crosses the plateaus of the Pohorje Hills, from where you already have a glimpse of the tallest Alpine summits in the distance. On one of the best hiking trails, Slovenia offers you can discover the highest peaks, valleys and each step takes you closer to the Adriatic sea, where the Slovenian mountain trail ends at Debeli rtič at the Slovenian coast.

The path is full of breathtaking views as it connects 49 mountain huts, 23 peaks, and 5 towns. The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the oldest connecting trail in the world and was created in 1953. To complete this amazing and longest multiday hike Slovenia provides it will take around 28 days (although its all-time record is 7 days).

slovenian mountain hiking trail


Juliana Trail

Discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of the astonishing alpine world on the Julian Alp’s best hiking trail and in fact, one of the newest and best hiking trails Slovenia provides. This Slovenia walking trail does not conquer mountain tops but it leads you in a respectful distance of the peaks along the edge of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park.

With a total length of 270 km and 16 stages, the circular path leads you around the Julian Alps mountain ridge, through urban valleys, over green plateaus, and mountain passes. You can discover hidden paths on one hand and bigger tourist centers on the other. You will get to know, with this multi-day hike, Slovenia (or at least it’s a north-western part), the Alps, cultural heritage, and kind, hospitable Slovenian people.


Walk of peace

Embark on one of the best hiking trails Slovenia offers and discover the history along the emerald river Soča. This five days walk, with its start at Log pod Mangartom, will lead you from the Alps to the Adriatic sea and it’s altogether 230km long. The so-called Walk of peace is also one of the easiest multi-day hikes of Slovenia walking trails, with its difficulty varying from easy to medium. On the way, you will discover areas that were the scene of many battles during the First World War.

The remains of the Isonzo Front are now part of this trail that is a homage to peace and because of that, the Walk of peace is part of the UNESCO heritage.

Walk of peace header Jost Gantar


Walk of peace over soca river 2

Walk of Peace

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