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Check out 5 outdoor activities that you should experience besides mountain biking in Slovenia

Slovenia is full of hidden gems, unique experiences, and picturesque adventures. No one knows them better than our Visit GoodPlace experts and that’s why they’ve curated a list of activities, trails, sights, and roads that you should visit during your mountain biking in Slovenia.

“Although mountain biking will always be my biggest passion, I enjoy other outdoor activities as well. Besides hiking, I particularly like water sports. Since I originally come from the Soča Valley, this is not surprising. Here is a shortlist of the outdoor activities I highly recommend you to try out when in Slovenia (with a bit of local bias).” – Jan Klavora

Rafting on Soča river

Once you see the emerald Soča for yourself, you will know why this is one of my favorite outdoor activities besides mountain biking. The river might not be the wildest or the fastest, but it is certainly the prettiest. When on a raft, you won’t only paddle and admire the surroundings. You will also strengthen team spirit and maybe even do some cliff jumping. Local sports agencies can organize safe and fun rafting on different sections of the river for you.

Canyoning on Pršjak

If you up for mountain biking in Slovenia and you are seeking more adrenaline, you shouldn’t miss canyoning. I can guarantee you that when you slide down the wild canyons and picturesque waterfalls into crystal clear-pools, you will feel like a playful child. There are several canyoning spots in Slovenia and especially Soča Valley, however, I advise you to go to Pršjak canyon, which is less crowded and even more adventurous than others. Don’t forget you need to be accompanied by a trained guide.

Stand-up paddling in Bohinj

When you are up for calmer water activity, head up to the tranquil Lake Bohinj in the heart of the Triglav National Park. You can easily rent a SUP board for an hour or a day. What I really like to do, is to paddle all the way to the center of the lake and then just relax and connect with nature. In early summer it is usually still possible to observe snow-capped mountains perfectly reflected in the water.

Paragliding above Bovec

Many mountain biking colleagues and other adrenaline junkies wish to see the Julian Alps and the Soča Valley from a bird’s eye view. Indeed, excellent thermal and wind conditions of the place combined with wonderful scenery create ideal conditions for paragliders. There are several take-offs in the Soča Valley and paragliders can choose a suitable position according to weather conditions. My top picks among take-off spots are Mangartsko sedlo and Kanin above Bovec.

Fly fishing in Soča valley

I’m not a big fisherman myself, but I have many friends who love fly fishing. Soča Valley is in fact a perfect place for it, as it has many streams and rivers in a relatively small area. All these waters are of excellent quality, meaning there is plenty of fish. The biggest magnet for fishermen is of course the autochthonous Soča trout. A large part of the fishing area is subject to the catch and release regime.

Author: Jan Klavora, CEO at Visit GoodPlace

Jan is responsible for the development of one of the most successful biking tourism products in the region – Trans Slovenia, Trans Dinarica, and Bike Slovenia Green, which was named one of the best products in 2020 by the Guardian and National Geographic. In addition to running Visit GoodPlace, he also helps destinations and businesses with the development of outdoor tourism products. He started his career as an outdoor guide in his hometown in the Soča Valley, so he prepared a list of the top 5 sports activities in Slovenia (apart from biking and hiking of course!).

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