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Discover Slovenia Outdoors – Every Ardent Hiker and Biker’s Paradise

Visit Slovenia, Europe’s most underrated gem, and explore its magical cities, fairytale lakes, mountains, and historic castles. Cycle through the city streets and the picturesque villages of the Slovenian coast or hike the wilderness of the Alpine peaks and enjoy the other side of Slovenia.

Biking Slovenia trips are heavenly – enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Bled and its tiny island church or the epic, unforgettable rides down the unknown trails. On the other side, hiking Slovenia’s multi-day hiking trails, like Walk of Peace, Juliana trail and the Slovenian Mountain trail are full of tranquility and beautiful everchanging nature and landscapes.

Biking Slovenia – one of the best, yet unknown Europe’s biking destinations

Bike holidays are what Slovenia serves best and that, along with the influence of the Mediterranean climate, makes this tiny European gem an extraordinary holidaying destination all year round. From bike trips on electric bicycles around its cities to an epic outing in the rugged, rocky mountainous Triglav National Park, bikers are a lucky lot.

We believe that there is no better way to explore the magical splendor of this earthly paradise than by bike. Biking Slovenia is akin to an African safari or sunbathing in the Caribbean – it is unforgettable.

Because Slovenia is a tiny country, biking is the best way to experience the fantastic sights of the country’s most famous cultural and natural landmarks – you can basically ride through the whole country in 1 week. If you want to ride faster, than consider renting an e-bike, it is a perfect way to enjoy the bike-sight-hopping even more.

The tours are of varying levels of difficulties, ranging from mild, family-friendly bike paths to epic adrenalin-pumping routes. One doesn’t even have to be a cycling junkie to conquer this biker’s paradise.

Around Triglav National Park 5

Hiking Slovenia’s wilderness – 60% of the country is covered in forest

Biking alone isn’t what Slovenia is best known for. Hiking Slovenia, whether it is conquering mountains high up in the Julian Alps or trekking around them, is also very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. When we say popular, we do not mean crowded though – most of the hiking trails are very tranquil and quiet all year round.

The best hiking experiences are those that follow the country’s most famous trails. Walk of peace follows the WW1 frontline so it is full of history. You don’t have to be interested in history to enjoy this walk because nature alone is breathtaking – the trail runs along the Soča river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

Another great trekking is Juliana trail, a newly opened 270km trail around the Julian Alps. It runs through valleys, over passes, through forests, urban and rural areas, along the Soča and Sava rivers. If you want to reach for the mountain tops, you should consider hiking the world’s oldest connecting trail – the 599km Slovenian Mountain Trail (or at least a part of it).

walk of peace soca valley foto: Jost Gantar

You a foodie?

Don’t forget to fuel yourself for your outdoor adventures! Like its landscape, Slovenia’s culinary is very diverse and influenced by its neighboring countries… Whether it’s the seafood enjoyed at an open-air canteen-style restaurant or local delicacies at the countryside homes, Slovenia dishes are mouthwatering. And so, holidaying in this country, home to the planet’s best female chef, Ana Roš, you can be sure to enjoy delicious food.

Slovenia food and wine
Trans Slovenia 01 Kolovrat mountaing biking

MTB bestseller: Trans Slovenia 01

Slovenia top sights cycling goriska brda landscape

Touring bestseller: Bike Slovenia Green

Walk of peace over soca river 2

Hiking: Walk of Peace

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