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Green Friday deals

Welcome to Slovenia, a land known for its pristine nature and the efforts to keep it that way. A place, where, instead of impulsive shopping, we celebrate responsible practices that protect our natural environment. A place, where, Black Friday becomes Green Friday. Please follow the tips below and explore our country in an environmentally-friendly way.

Help to preserve the delicate balance in natural areas by keeping to the existing paths and trails. Cycling or walking outside the established paths can undermine the biotic balance.

Respect wild animals. When you enter their territory, please be alert. Do not attempt to feed wild animals and keep your distance.

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Be romantic without stomping on the grass and picking flowers. Meadows bursting with wildflowers feed honey bees, our heroes of pollination.

In Slovenia, you can drink tap water of excellent quality wherever you go. Please use a reusable water bottle and avoid using single-use plastic bottles.

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Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. Try to decrease the amount of waste you produce, especially when it comes to single-use plastics. Make sure you separate your waste and deposit it in designated places. When exploring natural areas, take your rubbish with you to the next settlement. 

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Use environmentally-friendly cosmetic products (including sunscreen) that do not damage the delicate natural ecosystems.

Help us preserve Slovenia’s rich water resources by opting for a shower instead of a bath and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.

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Avoid unnecessary energy use. Turn lights and electronics off when you leave your room and use air-conditioning sensibly. Opt-out of daily bed changing and room cleaning.

Support short supply chains by ordering local food made of seasonal ingredients and buying local handmade souvenirs.

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Educate others to be responsible travelers. If you see someone unintentionally doing something that is detrimental to the environment, mention it in a friendly way.

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Remember, our actions can have a big impact on the planet. Make sure it is a positive one.

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