Adventure Hiking

Slovenia is simply heaven – outdoors. It allows you to get to grips and master almost any outdoor activity you have in mind. Situated between the high Alpine mountains and the warm Adriatic Sea, it perfectly provides you with all sorts of terrain and natural resources. Even though there’s a wide variety of available activities, don’t forget that to gain the most authentic impression about the country – all you need to do is the most simple and natural human activity – walking. It allows you move, yet still enjoy the scenery to the full. Stop as many times as you want. Make progress at a pace that suits you.
To make life easier, we carefully selected just a few backpacking trips as we don’t want to overwhelm you with thousands of confusing alternatives. We simply want to show you some of the best hiking trips here in Slovenia. The good thing is that whichever you pick, you’ll make the right choice. You’ll thoroughly enjoy Slovenia and particularly the Slovenian part of the Alp Mountains to the full!

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