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It’s Time For Happy Healthy Holidays!

Here’s what we’ve learned in the past year and what we recommend for your next cycling and biking holidays in Slovenia.

Go out in nature

After spending too much time at home in the past year, you should go outdoors and be active on holidays. Whether you’re seeking cycling or biking holidays in Slovenia, enjoy the nature around you.

We did it even before it was cool, so great outdoors is the main theme of all our tours.

Looking for a peaceful hiking holidays in Slovenia?

Be a green traveler

As the world slowed down last spring, nature took a deep breath and we saw wonderful aspects of nature come to the fore. We hope this will result in people making more conscious decisions while being on cycling Holidays in Slovenia, which means to travel with responsible companies like Visit GoodPlace that prioritize the environment and the well-being of local communities.

We are proud holders of the Slovenia Green certificate and we choose green destinations and service providers in our tours.

Fun fact: Our story did not start with the establishment of the company in 2015 but 5 years earlier when the Institute Factory of Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace was born. This organization now plays an important role in the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia and globally.

Tour operator Visit GoodPlace is therefore just a continuation of our mission. It is a place where we bring our knowledge and sustainable tourism products to life.

Check out our Slovenia cycling holiday tours that connect only green destinations.

Go beyond usual

Crowded popular locations became less desirable, but this only means one thing – more fun. Spread yourself out a little bit and see parts of the world your friends, families, and Instagrammers have never seen. That means not only going beyond usual destinations but also exploring undiscovered corners and secret stories while being on hiking or cycling holidays in Slovenia.

On our tours, you will probably still visit lake Bled and taste the famous cream cake, but you will also find out what’s so special about beekeeping in Slovenia and explore the destination during your cycling holidays in Slovenia by bike rather than on a tour bus.

Go on self-guided tours

Travel only with companions you choose. Book a self-guided tour where we organize the logistics, provide you with a navigational pack and you are ready to explore!

We offer 24/7 assistance in case you would need anything while touring on your cycling or hiking holidays in Slovenia.

See the most popular self-guided choice for mountain bikers.

Follow the Green & Safe

In the past year, tour operators and activity providers implemented new hygiene and operational standards to ensure guests feel safe and secure during their Slovenian biking and hiking holidays.

Slovenian Tourist Board joined superior hygiene standards and sustainable recommendations under the GREEN & SAFE label.

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