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Check out top 5 MTB trails in Slovenia

Slovenia is full of hidden gems, unique experiences, and picturesque adventures. No one knows them better than our Visit GoodPlace experts and that’s why they’ve curated a list of activities, trails, sights, and roads that you should visit during your mountain biking in Slovenia.

Thanks to its dynamic landscape, beautiful Alpine scenery, abundance of superb single trails, and excellent bike park infrastructure, Slovenia continues to build its reputation as one of Europe’s top mountain biking destinations. It is therefore no surprise that many Slovenians are enthusiastic mountain bikers, myself included. I’m very proud of our well-connected and active MTB community.” – Matic Klanjšček

Single Trail Park Jamnica

Jamnica is a somewhat unusual park, as it falls under the category of »trail bike parks«. It includes 9 all-mountain and enduro trails and in total around 25 kilometers of marked, mostly natural trails suitable for all levels. Trails are interconnected with a special path made specifically to ease your return to the top. During the summer months, the forests of Slovenian Carinthia are full of sweet blueberries, which is another reason why this location is amongst our best MTB trails in Slovenia.

Downhill from Matajur

The stunning two-hour downhill ride from Mt. Matajur towards Italy is pure single trail fun and it’s definitely one of the best MTB trails in Slovenia that has a natural flow. The 12-kilometer trail is very clean, so you can ride through the woods fast. During the 1400-meter descent, you can admire some great views over the Friulian plains and the surrounding mountains. This experience has been described in the media as the MTB »ride of a lifetime« and I couldn’t agree more.

The natural oasis of Pohorje

This location offers one of the best MTB trails in Slovenia and even though I oftenly bike around the world, I always keep coming back to the lush spruce forests of Pohorje, a medium-height mountain range situated in north-eastern Slovenia. The main highlight of this place is surely Bike Park Pohorje. It invites three trails intended for different levels – red line, family line, and the legendary world cup black line for the bravest.

Along the ridge of Stol

There are two mountains with this name in Slovenia. While the Stol in Karavanke is really nice for hiking, the one close to Kobarid is especially attractive for mountain bikers. This scenic ridge offers gorgeous views of the Julian Alps and Soča Valley. The 7-kilometer trail demands some technical skills but still flows with no interruptions. It involves biking on different surfaces, from dirt and rocks to roots. One of the reasons why this ride is one of the best MTB trails in Slovenia is the fact, that at the end of the trail, when you reach the valley, you can refresh yourself in Nadiža or Soča river.

Golovec trails

One might think that, by leaving the mountains and approaching the capital city of Ljubljana, the MTB opportunities would be lost. But the truth is quite different. Ljubljana is in fact the only European capital that has direct access to some of the best MTB trails in Slovenia, including Golovec trails. When you try your skills on various trails, exciting turns, and jumps, you will feel like one of the locals.

Author: Matic Klanjšček, head of guides and cartography expert

Being a geodesist by profession, Matic had been active in the field of cartography and marine hydrography for a long time. From his youth, he was active in sports. He started with athletics, later on, he held a strong passion for alpinism which was eventually replaced by cycling.  In recent years, Matic has been focused on mountain biking – in his free time as well as professionally at Visit GoodPlace.  Spending a good portion of his time on bike trails, he knows all the best trails and he had a hard time picking a selection of the 5 best BTM rides in Slovenia. Have a look at his choices.

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