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Trans Alpe Adria – from Kočevje over Gorski kotar to the Island of Krk

It’s difficult to sum up in just a few sentences several weeks of work and research that was put into developing the Trans Alpe Adria tour – one of the best MTB trails in Europe, but let us try. We started high up north along beautiful trails in Austria, descended comfortably to Villach and then climbed up to the Karavanke ridge, after a nice descent to the Slovenian side of the Julian Alps experienced several peaks and trails on both sides of the Soča Valley, continued over softer but not at all easy slopes of Cerkljansko and Škofja Loka hills, took a breath through the capital city and flatness of the Ljubljana Marshes for a moment but soon continued with climbing in search of even more beautiful descents towards Kočevsko region. And that’s not over yet – up and down to the bordering river Kolpa, again high up and down to the heart of Gorski kotar, and from there a picturesque jump over a last step above the shores of the Gulf of Rijeka, with the sweet smell of pine trees and the Mediterranean and the views of Velebit and Kvarner islands in the palm of your hand, continuing down to the endless trails of the second largest island in the Adriatic … To put it shortly: one hell of an epic mountain bike adventure and one of the best MTB trails in Europe!

Early morning in the vast forests of Kočevje region


Through the Kočevje forests


Down to the valley of Kolpa river and its tributaries


Slowly changing landscape


High marshes bellow Gorski kotar plateau


Changing the climate – time for some Mediterranean vegetation and smells


Secret passages on the descent towards the sea…


Not to mention secret trails


Finally, a curve with a view to the final destination!


Enjoyable descent with a view towards the Velebit range and Adriatic Sea beneath


One last road connection towards the Island of Krk


Endless trails across the Krk island end on a spot like this


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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Trans Alpe Adria MTB tour is one of the best MTB trails in Europe. It starts in the Austrian Alps, crosses Slovenia and ends on the sunny Croatian coast. All this in 14-days.

Trans Slovenia 01

Out bestselling MTB tour offers supreme biking across the prettiest parts of Slovenia. You will pedal from Alps to the picturesque Slovenian coast in 7 days.

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

This 8-days long MTB tour joins visiting top Slovenian attractions with amazing MTB trails that are on the way from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic coast.

It’s Time For Happy Healthy Holidays!

Here’s what we’ve learned in the past year and what we recommend for your next cycling and biking holidays in Slovenia.

Go out in nature

After spending too much time at home in the past year, you should go outdoors and be active on holidays. Whether you’re seeking cycling or biking holidays in Slovenia, enjoy the nature around you.

We did it even before it was cool, so great outdoors is the main theme of all our tours.

Looking for a peaceful hiking holidays in Slovenia?

Be a green traveler

As the world slowed down last spring, nature took a deep breath and we saw wonderful aspects of nature come to the fore. We hope this will result in people making more conscious decisions while being on cycling Holidays in Slovenia, which means to travel with responsible companies like Visit GoodPlace that prioritize the environment and the well-being of local communities.

We are proud holders of the Slovenia Green certificate and we choose green destinations and service providers in our tours.

Fun fact: Our story did not start with the establishment of the company in 2015 but 5 years earlier when the Institute Factory of Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace was born. This organization now plays an important role in the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia and globally.

Tour operator Visit GoodPlace is therefore just a continuation of our mission. It is a place where we bring our knowledge and sustainable tourism products to life.

Check out our Slovenia cycling holiday tours that connect only green destinations.

Go beyond usual

Crowded popular locations became less desirable, but this only means one thing – more fun. Spread yourself out a little bit and see parts of the world your friends, families, and Instagrammers have never seen. That means not only going beyond usual destinations but also exploring undiscovered corners and secret stories while being on hiking or cycling holidays in Slovenia.

On our tours, you will probably still visit lake Bled and taste the famous cream cake, but you will also find out what’s so special about beekeeping in Slovenia and explore the destination during your cycling holidays in Slovenia by bike rather than on a tour bus.

Go on self-guided tours

Travel only with companions you choose. Book a self-guided tour where we organize the logistics, provide you with a navigational pack and you are ready to explore!

We offer 24/7 assistance in case you would need anything while touring on your cycling or hiking holidays in Slovenia.

See the most popular self-guided choice for mountain bikers.

Follow the Green & Safe

In the past year, tour operators and activity providers implemented new hygiene and operational standards to ensure guests feel safe and secure during their Slovenian biking and hiking holidays.

Slovenian Tourist Board joined superior hygiene standards and sustainable recommendations under the GREEN & SAFE label.

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Trans Alpe Adria – from Ljubljana over Bloke plateau to Kočevje

We’re moving on towards the last part of the Trans Alpe Adria mountain bike tour! Along these two stages, one can experience the incredible diversity of the landscape and the beauty of wild Slovenia nature. Directly from the hustle and bustle of the capital city and through beautiful suburban trails on Golovec hill, across the vast plains of Ljubljana Marshes and its UNESCO historical heritage, high over the Mt. Krim and through the wild gorge of Zala river, finally ascending to the ancient and remote Bloke plateau. On the next day, the wild and remote landscape slowly turns into even wilder and lonelier vast forests of the Kočevje region, where meeting wildlife is nothing unusual. And crème de la crème – ending your adventurous journey by descending through one of the best mountain bike trail centers in the country!

Early morning in the centre of Ljubljana, just below the Castle hill

Pristine forests and meadows of Rakitna

Down to the fresh valley of the Zala river

Next day, starting at the Bloke lake near Volčje

Early spring colours

Gentiana Verna, the spring gentian, is a species of the genus Gentiana and one of its smallest member (in Slovene we say “spomladanski svišč”, try to pronounce that 😅 )

Hmmm, where is the owner?

Speaking about wildlife… 😊

MTB Trail Centre – a good and funny descent for every skill level!

A nice flow trail like this…

… or something a bit more challenging for the adrenaline experts 😊

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

Trans Alpe Adria – from Soča valley towards the capital

Wintertime and winter joy stopped us a bit on our mountain bike adventure along the Trans Alpe Adria mountain bike tour. But now it’s time to leave the valley of the emerald Soča River and, as promised, enter into a new, vibrant, and equally interesting landscape of the Cerkno and Škofja Loka hills and further on in the direction of the Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. A landscape that promises excellent conditions and destinations for active mountain biking holidays in Slovenia!

Last glimpses of the Soča river just before leaving the valley at Most na Soči

Passing the historic Bohinj railway that would connect Western Austria and Southern Germany with the then Austro-Hungarian port of Trieste

Late spring colours over the Cerkno hills

Facing the Krn mountain and one of the epic descents we’ve done the previous day cycling from Kobarid to Tolmin

Pure green joy

Endless remote paths…

Hills with a view towards more serious Alpine ridges

Entering Škofja Loka, a small medieval town with a rich history and tradition

Endless remote single trails…

A happy biker in the “jungle” of numerous wild single tracks

Into the centre of Ljubljana, the green capital of Slovenia

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

A possible exotic winter experience on your Slovenia cycling holidays

Ready for some kitschy photos? Yes, winter mountain biking in Slovenia can be demanding, and sometimes our workdays start very early, even long before sunrise! Partly due to the short day available in the field, but sometimes also just to enjoy the colourful views from the top of the mountains over which our trails lead. And we shouldn’t forget to mention pure fun while descending along winter trails – MTB in Slovenia can be fun in wintertime, too!

Waiting for the sun…

Almost there…

Here comes the sun!


View towards Nanos, Mt. Triglav and Julian Alps from the top of Mt. Vremščica, one of the peaks of our Trans Slovenia bike tours

Morning colours

Into the light

Another early-morning winter postcard from Slovenia cycling holidays

Let the Mtb Slovenia…

… snow fun begins, mountain biking in Slovenia rules in wintertime, too!

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

Winter mountain bike adventures

It’s this time of the year when one would think mountain biking in Slovenia isn’t the first choice of sport to practice outside in cold winter conditions. One couldn’t be more wrong! It’s true it’s hard to do longer multi-day stages of the Trans Slovenia route or other longer mountain bike trips, but climbing up the local mountains and enjoying snow descents along its many diverse trails is just super fun. Mtb Slovenia – never stop exploring!

Winter fun! On the top of abandoned ski slope, looking directly to the Julian Alps and its highest peak, Mt. Triglav

Sometimes, snow conditions and temperatures permitting, it can be just a normal winter day, spent together with friends biking in Slovenia

Anyone recognizes this mountain in a winter frame?

Fast-freezing descent

Following the trail

Where to?

With love from Slovenia cycling holidays

No matter the time of the day or the weather conditions, it’s just super fun to enjoy winter on a bike as well!

Snow curves

Crunching of frozen grass

Kamniško-Savinjske Alps, a Trans Slovenia perspective from the Karst region

On skis or bikes, fresh snow is best while biking in Slovenia in winter

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

5 reasons why bikers and hikers love accommodation on our tours

As you probably realized by now, there are numerous reasons to experience one of our epic Slovenia bike tours or come to our small green country for Slovenia hiking holidays. What first comes to mind, are surely the diverse hilly landscapes, vast forests and abundant water sources. Together with friendly locals and great food, they make up for a perfect outdoor destination. However, everybody needs a nice place to rest after fun daily activities. At Visit Goodplace, we take this very seriously. On our tours, we carefully select only the best accommodation providers, which our guests simply love. Let’s see why.

Cycle to a perfect rest

When you explore Slovenia by bike, your everyday needs change. You might want to wash your sportswear in the evenings, use bicycle maintenance tools, or buy a spare tire. You will probably also appreciate more information about local cycling routes. This is why on our Slovenia bike tours we always prioritize accommodation providers enabling you just that. Many specialized, cyclist-friendly providers can be recognized by a bicycle symbol indicating the extent and quality of what they offer to cyclists.

With hikers in mind

The same is true for our Slovenia hiking holidays. We always search for hotels, farm stays, guesthouses, mountain huts, and other accommodation providers that know how to meet the needs of hiking enthusiasts. These are usually marked with a sign showing one to five hikers. Their advantages include traditional cuisine adapted for hikers, facilities for washing and drying hiking equipment, provision of lunch packages, and plenty of information on public transport, sports shops, and weather forecast.

Responsible travel

Our mission is to create authentic and unique Slovenia bike tours and Slovenia hiking holidays for our guests while supporting responsible trade and nature preservation. With the aim of minimizing negative effects on the natural and social environment, we choose accommodation providers with sustainability certificates wherever and whenever possible. When you book Slovenia hiking holidays or a Slovenia bike tour with us, you can therefore be sure to sleep in the most sustainable accommodation available at the destination.

Boutique experiences

We wish our Slovenia bike tours and Slovenia cycling holidays to leave a beneficial impact on the local communities. For this reason, we prioritize boutique, family-run accommodation and avoid large hotel chains. Spending a night in a cozy guesthouse or a typical farm stay also results in a more authentic overall experience. You will get the opportunity to taste delicious homemade meals coming directly from garden to table and feel the real Slovenian hospitality.

Stay where you desire

Just like we tailor the itineraries of our Slovenia bike tours so that they fit all your wants and needs, we also invite you to choose your ideal accommodation type. Most of our guests prefer to stay in carefully picked guesthouses, boutique hotels and tourist farms, but we are more than happy to provide you with alternatives – from hidden mountain cottages, youth hostels and campsites to luxury apartments and five-star hotels. We can even spice up your Slovenia hiking holidays or other adventures with an overnight in one of the amazing glamping sites.

Ready for some more Trans Alpe Adria epic trails?

Time to move on! But hey, we arrived in the valley of the emerald Soča river, surrounded by many mountain peaks that offer enriched views and numerous cycling trails. Therefore, this time we will continue a little slower, only through the next two stages of the epic Trans Alpe Adria tour. They will take us from Bovec, over the ridge of Kobariški Stol mountain and down to the historical town of Kobarid, and further on below the top of mountain Krn and other peaks of the Julian Alps, all the way to the Tolminka river gorges and picturesque town Tolmin. From there, in the upcoming days, we will leave the Soča Valley and enter into a new, vibrant, and equally interesting landscape of the Cerkno and Škofja Loka hills and further on in the direction of Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.

THE ridge with a view

Ready for some epic descents?

Facing the Krn mountain and one of the epic ascents waiting for us the following day

Changing the sides

A short stopover at the Kozjak waterfall near Kobarid

Climbing up towards the foothill of the Krn mountain

So many reasons to smile

Could be a Windows XP desktop, we guess …

Chasing the views

Down to the Tolminka river valley

Mountain flowers all around us

The church of the Holly Spirit in Javorca, filled with history of the First World War and the message of peace

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

Check out 5 outdoor activities that you should experience besides mountain biking in Slovenia

Slovenia is full of hidden gems, unique experiences, and picturesque adventures. No one knows them better than our Visit GoodPlace experts and that’s why they’ve curated a list of activities, trails, sights, and roads that you should visit during your mountain biking in Slovenia.

“Although mountain biking will always be my biggest passion, I enjoy other outdoor activities as well. Besides hiking, I particularly like water sports. Since I originally come from the Soča Valley, this is not surprising. Here is a shortlist of the outdoor activities I highly recommend you to try out when in Slovenia (with a bit of local bias).” – Jan Klavora

Rafting on Soča river

Once you see the emerald Soča for yourself, you will know why this is one of my favorite outdoor activities besides mountain biking. The river might not be the wildest or the fastest, but it is certainly the prettiest. When on a raft, you won’t only paddle and admire the surroundings. You will also strengthen team spirit and maybe even do some cliff jumping. Local sports agencies can organize safe and fun rafting on different sections of the river for you.

Canyoning on Pršjak

If you up for mountain biking in Slovenia and you are seeking more adrenaline, you shouldn’t miss canyoning. I can guarantee you that when you slide down the wild canyons and picturesque waterfalls into crystal clear-pools, you will feel like a playful child. There are several canyoning spots in Slovenia and especially Soča Valley, however, I advise you to go to Pršjak canyon, which is less crowded and even more adventurous than others. Don’t forget you need to be accompanied by a trained guide.

Stand-up paddling in Bohinj

When you are up for calmer water activity, head up to the tranquil Lake Bohinj in the heart of the Triglav National Park. You can easily rent a SUP board for an hour or a day. What I really like to do, is to paddle all the way to the center of the lake and then just relax and connect with nature. In early summer it is usually still possible to observe snow-capped mountains perfectly reflected in the water.

Paragliding above Bovec

Many mountain biking colleagues and other adrenaline junkies wish to see the Julian Alps and the Soča Valley from a bird’s eye view. Indeed, excellent thermal and wind conditions of the place combined with wonderful scenery create ideal conditions for paragliders. There are several take-offs in the Soča Valley and paragliders can choose a suitable position according to weather conditions. My top picks among take-off spots are Mangartsko sedlo and Kanin above Bovec.

Fly fishing in Soča valley

I’m not a big fisherman myself, but I have many friends who love fly fishing. Soča Valley is in fact a perfect place for it, as it has many streams and rivers in a relatively small area. All these waters are of excellent quality, meaning there is plenty of fish. The biggest magnet for fishermen is of course the autochthonous Soča trout. A large part of the fishing area is subject to the catch and release regime.

Author: Jan Klavora, CEO at Visit GoodPlace

Jan is responsible for the development of one of the most successful biking tourism products in the region – Trans Slovenia, Trans Dinarica, and Bike Slovenia Green, which was named one of the best products in 2020 by the Guardian and National Geographic. In addition to running Visit GoodPlace, he also helps destinations and businesses with the development of outdoor tourism products. He started his career as an outdoor guide in his hometown in the Soča Valley, so he prepared a list of the top 5 sports activities in Slovenia (apart from biking and hiking of course!).

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