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Trans Alpe Adria – from Kočevje over Gorski kotar to the Island of Krk

It’s difficult to sum up in just a few sentences several weeks of work and research that was put into developing the Trans Alpe Adria tour – one of the best MTB trails in Europe, but let us try. We started high up north along beautiful trails in Austria, descended comfortably to Villach and then climbed up to the Karavanke ridge, after a nice descent to the Slovenian side of the Julian Alps experienced several peaks and trails on both sides of the Soča Valley, continued over softer but not at all easy slopes of Cerkljansko and Škofja Loka hills, took a breath through the capital city and flatness of the Ljubljana Marshes for a moment but soon continued with climbing in search of even more beautiful descents towards Kočevsko region. And that’s not over yet – up and down to the bordering river Kolpa, again high up and down to the heart of Gorski kotar, and from there a picturesque jump over a last step above the shores of the Gulf of Rijeka, with the sweet smell of pine trees and the Mediterranean and the views of Velebit and Kvarner islands in the palm of your hand, continuing down to the endless trails of the second largest island in the Adriatic … To put it shortly: one hell of an epic mountain bike adventure and one of the best MTB trails in Europe!

Early morning in the vast forests of Kočevje region


Through the Kočevje forests


Down to the valley of Kolpa river and its tributaries


Slowly changing landscape


High marshes bellow Gorski kotar plateau


Changing the climate – time for some Mediterranean vegetation and smells


Secret passages on the descent towards the sea…


Not to mention secret trails


Finally, a curve with a view to the final destination!


Enjoyable descent with a view towards the Velebit range and Adriatic Sea beneath


One last road connection towards the Island of Krk


Endless trails across the Krk island end on a spot like this


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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Trans Alpe Adria MTB tour is one of the best MTB trails in Europe. It starts in the Austrian Alps, crosses Slovenia and ends on the sunny Croatian coast. All this in 14-days.

Trans Slovenia 01

Out bestselling MTB tour offers supreme biking across the prettiest parts of Slovenia. You will pedal from Alps to the picturesque Slovenian coast in 7 days.

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

This 8-days long MTB tour joins visiting top Slovenian attractions with amazing MTB trails that are on the way from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic coast.

Trans Alpe Adria – from Ljubljana over Bloke plateau to Kočevje

We’re moving on towards the last part of the Trans Alpe Adria mountain bike tour! Along these two stages, one can experience the incredible diversity of the landscape and the beauty of wild Slovenia nature. Directly from the hustle and bustle of the capital city and through beautiful suburban trails on Golovec hill, across the vast plains of Ljubljana Marshes and its UNESCO historical heritage, high over the Mt. Krim and through the wild gorge of Zala river, finally ascending to the ancient and remote Bloke plateau. On the next day, the wild and remote landscape slowly turns into even wilder and lonelier vast forests of the Kočevje region, where meeting wildlife is nothing unusual. And crème de la crème – ending your adventurous journey by descending through one of the best mountain bike trail centers in the country!

Early morning in the centre of Ljubljana, just below the Castle hill

Pristine forests and meadows of Rakitna

Down to the fresh valley of the Zala river

Next day, starting at the Bloke lake near Volčje

Early spring colours

Gentiana Verna, the spring gentian, is a species of the genus Gentiana and one of its smallest member (in Slovene we say “spomladanski svišč”, try to pronounce that 😅 )

Hmmm, where is the owner?

Speaking about wildlife… 😊

MTB Trail Centre – a good and funny descent for every skill level!

A nice flow trail like this…

… or something a bit more challenging for the adrenaline experts 😊

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

Trans Alpe Adria – from Soča valley towards the capital

Wintertime and winter joy stopped us a bit on our mountain bike adventure along the Trans Alpe Adria mountain bike tour. But now it’s time to leave the valley of the emerald Soča River and, as promised, enter into a new, vibrant, and equally interesting landscape of the Cerkno and Škofja Loka hills and further on in the direction of the Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. A landscape that promises excellent conditions and destinations for active mountain biking holidays in Slovenia!

Last glimpses of the Soča river just before leaving the valley at Most na Soči

Passing the historic Bohinj railway that would connect Western Austria and Southern Germany with the then Austro-Hungarian port of Trieste

Late spring colours over the Cerkno hills

Facing the Krn mountain and one of the epic descents we’ve done the previous day cycling from Kobarid to Tolmin

Pure green joy

Endless remote paths…

Hills with a view towards more serious Alpine ridges

Entering Škofja Loka, a small medieval town with a rich history and tradition

Endless remote single trails…

A happy biker in the “jungle” of numerous wild single tracks

Into the centre of Ljubljana, the green capital of Slovenia

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

TransAlp - Austria - biking - MTB

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

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