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Top 5 photo spots on Slovenia bicycle tours

Slovenia is full of hidden gems, unique experiences, and picturesque adventures. No one knows them better than our Visit GoodPlace experts and that’s why they’ve curated a list of activities, trails, sights, and roads that you should visit during your Slovenia bicycling tours.

“For me, the best photos are not the ones that look perfect, but those with a story behind it. So I encourage you that if you decide to visit these photo spots, take time to really soak in the atmosphere. Make an adventure out of it. Choose biking or hiking and make the best out of our Slovenia bicycling tours. Make a picnic. Have fun. These are the things you will remember when you will browse through your travel photos.”– Romina Gerbec

Zelenci springs

Slovenia has been named the greenest country in the world because of its sustainability efforts however there is another reason for that. The country is literally green. It is covered with green forests, meadows, rivers, and lakes, which will keep you company during Slovenia bicycle tours. Yes, you read that right – many waters in Slovenia have this turquoise colour, ranging from shades of green to shades of blue. Zelenci has green in its name (zelena means green in Slovene). There is a wooden lookout tower nearby so everyone can make a good shot of the place.

Mangart Saddle

Topping out at 2,072 meters, the road to Mangart Saddle is the highest lying road in Slovenia. The ride is an adventure on its own. You can drive up there in your own car, but it’s highly recommended you take the shuttle bus, so you don’t have to meet cars on the narrow road and it’s also more environmentally friendly. If you’re a true adventurer and a sports head, you can take your bike and challenge yourself on one of the hardest Slovenia bicycle tours. Once you reach the saddle, you can enjoy the view of the Log Koritnica Valley on one side and the view of Lakes of Fusine in Italy on the other. It’s one of my favourite spots for taking photos.


Mount Kolovrat is a ridge that rises above Soča Valley and lies on the Slovenian-Italian border. It is accessible by car, but I strongly recommend visiting this point while riding on our Slovenia bicycling tours. From the top of Mt. Klabuk, you can take a photo of the Julian Alps and if you turn the other way, the Adriatic sea will shine in the distance. The 360 view is spectacular. It’s one of those places I visit regularly, all year round, and I never, ever leave without taking a photo (or ten).

Ljubljana Gornji trg

When in Ljubljana, take a walk through a vibrant and picturesque old town or enjoy a more relaxed bike ride on your Slovenia bicycling tours. There are many opportunities for “postcard images”, well worth this list, but my choice is Gornji Trg (the upper square). The place is not as busy as the main streets of Ljubljana’s Old Town, so you can get a nice shot of charming buildings. A cherry on top is the chandelier hanging above the square.

Ojstrica Lake Bled

You were probably expecting lake Bled to appear on this list at some point. For a suburb shot of Bled island, castle, and the mountains at the back, climb up a small hill named Ojstrica (it takes around 20 minutes). This one can be one of the most exciting stops during the Slovenia bicycle tours. If you enjoy taking photos of sunrises, get there early and enjoy the view of spectacular colours reflecting in the water.

Author: Romina Gerbec, head of marketing

Romina is our digital marketing ninja. Her team possesses skills that range from graphic design to social media advertising, which helps our boutique travel agency more visible on the world wide web. She believes that every successful marketing story starts with a good product or service. However, a good-looking photo can’t hurt either, she says. If you enjoy taking photos (or browsing through them after your holidays), you should not miss these photo spots when you visit Slovenia.

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