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Top hidden sights in Slovenia

Slovenia is full of hidden gems, unique experiences, and picturesque adventures. No one knows them better than our Visit GoodPlace experts and that’s why they’ve curated a list of activities, trails, sights, and roads that you should visit during your cycling in Slovenia.

You probably already know by now that Slovenia boasts numerous amazing natural and cultural attractions that can be explored during our cycling and hiking in Slovenia tours. While the most popular places such as Lake Bled, Ljubljana Castle and Postojna Cave are well-known to visitors, there are still plenty of hidden gems waiting to impress you. Here are my favourite, off-the-beaten-track sights in Slovenia, which you can admire away from the crowds.” – Teja Korošec

Peričnik Waterfall

Slovenia is rich in water sources, so waterfalls are not an uncommon sight. It is difficult to say which one is the most beautiful, as they are all unique. I simply love to observe the force of nature and feel the water droplets on my skin. Still, my favourite stop during cycling in Slovenia must be the 52-meter high Peričnik Waterfall, which can be found en route to the Vrata Valley, close to the village of Mojstrana. Its particularity lies in the fact that you can walk behind, providing for a truly incredible experience. During winter, the waterfall sometimes freezes into a remarkable ice sculpture.

Tours passing by Peričnik Waterfall: Trans Slovenia 02, Around Triglav National Park, Salzburg to Venice.

Fort Hermann

During cycling in Slovenia, I recommend everybody traveling through the upper Soča Valley to visit the remains of Fort Hermann, a fort built by the Austrians at the end of the 19th Century, which was severely damaged by the Italian artillery during WW1. Except for the locals, few people know about it, so a highly authentic experience is guaranteed. It will take you about half an hour of easy hiking to reach the fort from the valley. On the way, you will pass through a 100-meter-long illuminated stone tunnel. Exploring the fort ruins is a real adventure, but you have to be careful. I advise you to bring a flashlight.

Tours passing by Fort Hermann: Walk of Peace, Trans Slovenia 01, Around Triglav National Park

Walls of Piran

With its narrow cobbled streets, Venetian architecture, and the sunny Adriatic coast, Piran is definitely one of the most photogenic places which you can visit during cycling in Slovenia. In search of the best views, many people walk to the St. George’s Parish Church, which I have to admit is impressive in its own manner. However, what most do not know is that the medieval Walls of Piran offer an even more breath-taking panorama. This is definitely my preferred spot to watch the sunset behind the sea. The walls are open from 8 AM to dusk and the entrance only costs 2,00 EUR.

Tours passing by Walls of Piran: Istria to Adriatic, Trans Slovenia 01, Trans Slovenia 02, Trans Slovenia 04

Planšar Lake

I’m sure you have heard about the picturesque lakes of Bled and Bohinj, and maybe even about the intermittent Cerknica Lake and the magical Triglav lakes. Since it is my favourite, I believe it is time you were also introduced to the Planšar Lake in Jezersko. The little heart-shaped lake, also known as the lake of love, was actually artificially built by locals in memory of a larger glacial lake that had drained away. In my opinion, the lakeside offers one of the most stunning views over the majestic peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. As it is still under the radar for most visitors during cycling in Slovenia, I can assure you to find plenty of peace here.

Tours passing by Planšarsko Lake: Trans Slovenia 03

Škocjan Caves

When cycling in Slovenia, the underworld of Slovenian Karst is surely a must. Most tourists will visit the Postojna Cave, but I invite you to rather discover its less famous, but even more astonishing counterpart, the UNESCO-protected Škocjan Caves. This one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon will amaze you with underground galleries, halls full of giant stalactites and stalagmites, and the largest subterranean canyon in Europe. Every time I gaze into its depths, I feel like I’m in a Lord of the Rings movie.

Tours passing by Škocjan Caves: Bike Slovenia Green, TS04, TS02

Author: Teja Korošec, head of operations

Teja holds a master’s degree in tourism management. She is involved in many projects at both Visit GoodPlace and our NGO, so multitasking is her thing. She is a strong advocate of nature conservation and loves hiking. Travelling has been an important part of her life and she always seeks authentic experiences. Here is a list of her favourite sights which you can visit during cycling in Slovenia. These are for the ones who like to go off the beaten track and leave the crowds behind.

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