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447 KM, 7720 M

This tour offers a prime selection of great roads, exploring three countries, including Slovenia, Austria and Italy. The scenery and the variety of routes combine effortlessly on this trip, as a result of the varied landscapes. Starting the tour in the heart of Julian Alps, the journey continues over Vršič Pass, descending to the charming Soča Valley, making its way to two exquisite wine regions – Brda, the spacious karst area, Istria and all the way to the sunny Adriatic coast. The rich history is the key link subtly connecting the regions by the labyrinth of First World War military streets, making this adventure a unique experience. Top it all with the evenings enjoyed in the comforts of local accommodations and culinary delights and you can dream big!

HIGHLIGHTS Kranjska Gora, Predil Pass, Mangart Saddle, Vršič Pass, Kluže Fort, Trenta Valley, Soča Valley, Bovec, Kobarid, Goriška Brda, Karst region, Slovenian Istria



DAY 01


Welcome to Kranjska Gora, one of Slovenia’s largest and best-equipped ski resorts nested in the Upper Sava Valley! In winter, Kranjska Gora is a venue for international ski competitions in Vitranc and ski jumping tournaments in Planica, while in summer it offers plenty of outdoor activities, which is a great gateway for surrounding bike and hike roads & trails.

DAY 02


DistanceDistance: 49 km
DistanceElevation: 770 m

We leave Kranjska Gora taking the former railway track road named Alpe Adria, leading to Tarvisio. The sparkling Belopeška Lakes make a beautiful and scenic stop along the way, summoning up the energy for the continuing ascent. This ascent is on the way to Austria, starting from the Village of Riegersdorf, climbing up to Wurzen Pass (Korensko sedlo), with the elevation of 567 m. We will descend to Podkoren, flowing through the beautiful nature, following the bike track all the way back to Kranjska Gora.

DAY 03


DistanceDistance: 102 km
DistanceElevation: 2590 m

Today’s round trip throws some challenging climbs to thrill along the way, riding three passes in a row.  Predil Pass (length: 12.4 km, elevation: 439 m, average inclination: 3.5%) is the international border crossing point between Italy and Slovenia in the Julian Alps and the first one to conquer. On the way we’ll be passing by the very scenic glacier lake, Lago del Predil. Continuing the scenic ride, Mangart Saddle awaits. It’s the highest-lying road in Slovenia, climbing up an elevation of 1071 meters above the sea level, in length of ascent 10,8 km and an average inclination of 9,7%. Descending to Log Pod Mangartom, the track will guide us past the majestic Kluže Fort , above the Koritnica Gorge, a monument to the defense against the Turkish invasions, all the way to the gorgeous Trenta Valley. The emerald Soča River will cheer you along to the very last ascent of the day, Vršič Pass. Climbing up the 26 switchbacks (elevation: 750 m, length: 10.3 km, average inclination: 7,7%) it’s the last challenge of the day before we ride back to Kranjska Gora. In case elevation 2590 meters is too challanging, you can skip Mangart Saddle and you will save about 1000 meters.

DAY 04

EXPLORING THE SOČA VALLEY (accommodation in Kobarid)

DistanceDistance: 66 km
DistanceElevation: 980 m

This morning we gather for breakfast and get ready to explore some more of the beautiful Soča Valley . Leaving Kranjska Gora, we climb the highest Slovenian road pass, Vršič (length of ascent: 12.8 km; elevation: 980 m above the sea level, average inclination: 7.3%) connecting the Upper Carniola Region to Trenta Valley. Taking in the beautiful landscapes along this stretch we will descend to the Trenta Valley , past the source of the Soča River, one of the most beautiful karst springs in the Julian Alps. We will cross smaller alpine valleys to reach the lovely town of Bovec, once a location for the Disney film – The Chronicles of Narnia. This windy ride takes us to the small town of Kobarid, known for the Battle of Corporetto during WWI, and our stay for the night.

DAY 05


The charming town of Kobarid was a military settlement during the Roman times and the site of the decisive Battle of Corporetto during WWI. While there, make sure to visit Kobarid Museum, devoted almost entirely to the Soča Front and the ‘war to end all wars’. You can also go visit photogenic Kozjak Waterfall, go whitewater rafting, kayaking on the amazing Soča River or do some hiking in the surrounding areas . If you’re into some impeccable tasting of the local culinary, make sure to visit Hiša Franko, recognized as one of the world’s 50 best restaurants.

DAY 06

TASTING BRDA'S CULINARY & WINES (accommodation in Brda)

DistanceDistance: 63 km
DistanceElevation: 1500 m

The ascent to Idrsko-Livške Ravne (length: 10.3km, elevation: 950 m; average inclination: 9,2%) will require some effort, cycling the Kolovrat mountain ridge, the region on the border between Slovenia and Italy, extending northwest of Tolmin to Kambreško (Kanalski Kolovrat). The highlight of the day will be following the scenic road from Plave to Solkan, crossing the remarkable arch bridge over the Soča River, the longest stone bridge among train bridges built of stone blocks. The bike track is considered to be amongst the most beautiful in Slovenia. The last climb of the day is to Sabotin mountain ridge (length: 1.8 km, elevation: 158 m, average inclination: 8,4%), before descending to Goriška Brda, the land of poetry and wine.

DAY 07


DistanceDistance: 111 km
DistanceElevation: 1260 m

Karst is a beautiful limestone land, rich in vineyards producing ruby-red teran and refošk wine. Today’s trip is all about exploring this amazing stretch of Slovenia, cycling through the old karst villages of Komen, Pliskovica and Dutovlje, dotted with old stone churches and red-tiled roofs all the way to Lipica, a home to the magnificent Lipizzaner horses. We pedal on to cross the Italian border, connecting to Parenzana, a bike road stretching from Trieste in Italy to Poreč in Croatian Istria. Turning back to Slovenia the road leads us past Koper, all the way to the colorful and enchanting little town of Piran.

DAY 08

SLOVENIAN ISTRIA (accommodation in Piran)

DistanceDistance: 56 km
DistanceElevation: 620 m

A very scenic circle ride will reveal hidden corners of Slovenian Istria. We start with an ascent from Bošamarin over Grinjan, with a length of approximately 3 km and an elevation of 300 meters, while the last 500 meters are the most challenging, of an average inclination between 15% and 20%. Cycling on this ridge through the small villages of St. Peter and Nova vas, overlooking the lush green Dragonja Valley , dotted with olive trees makes this bike trip even more pleasant. We descend to the border crossings at Dragonja and Sečovlje, taking the Parenzana track, passing the beautiful Sečovlje Salina Nature Park all the way to vivid Portrož.

Price for guided TOUR OF ALPE ADRIA includes:

  • 8 nights accommodations in 4 star hotels/pensions
  • 8 breakfasts and 8 dinners, all meals with local/ typical touch
  • Fully qualified and experienced bike guide for the duration of your trip
  • Baggage transfer between stages
  • All group safety equipment
  • Support vehicle with driver following the group
  • Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
  • 24/7 hotline number (support)

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.

Would you like to customize this tour? Aren’t you trained enough? Would you like a different starting or arriving point, or a break day before, after or during the tour? Send us an e-mail:


Our adventure starts in Kranjska Gora and ends in Piran which is located on the Slovenian coast close to Trieste port.


Kranjska Gora is surrounded with 4 international airports in maximum two and a half hour distance (Ljubljana, Venice, Trieste, Klagenfurt). We can arrange airport shuttles from all 4 airports.


From Austria you cross the border through Karavanke tunnel and from there you have not more than 30 min to Kranjska Gora.

From Italy you cross the border at Tarvisio and from there you have not more than 30 min to Kranjska Gora.

From Ljubljana you take the highway towards Jesenice and from there you follow the signs for Kranjska Gora.


  • In a single group there’ll be a maximum of 8 people. But there can be more than 1 group.
  • We will form groups according to individuals desires, fitness and also bikes
  • Every evening there will be briefing session organized where guide(s) will present next day tour profile (altitude profile, length, difficulty…). There’s is always an option to avoid difficult route sections or change group if there will be more than one. There are many variations of each day tour.
  • Meeting instructions and final trip arrangements will be sent to you two weeks prior to your tour start date.

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