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382 KM, 9196 M

The Trans Croatia biking tour is a great choice for those who love Croatia and want to spend an active vacation at the Adriatic. Spring and autumn are the perfect time to visit with their pleasant temperatures, soft breeze and beautiful vistas.

A unique selection of trails combining the continental part of the Kvarner region, the Gorski Kotar plateau, the Velebit Mountain Range and beautiful islands reveals different aspects of Croatia, from the challenging trails to some exquisite culinary experience.

The Trans Croatia biking tour boasts remarkably well maintained trails, gorgeous landscapes and the lush green nature. In the course of one week, the seaside and wild mountains resonate in an amazing symphony through the dense forests of Gorski Kotar, the rocky Velebit masiff, and beautiful beaches of the two isles of Rab and Krk.

HIGHLIGHTS: Fužine, Zavižan – Northern Velebit National Park, Alan, Old Town Rab, Rab coastal trail, Lopar beach trail, Moon Plateau at Krk, descent to Baška



DAY 01

Up to the Highlands

DistanceDistance: 50,4 km
DistanceElevation: 1620 m

The first day of the Trans Croatia Biking Tour begins in a small village of Čavle, just above Rijeka. The trail follows a concrete and gravel road to Grobniško polje, the site of the motorsport race track called Automotodrom Grobnik, and continues with a rather steep slope towards the Platak Ski Resort (1237 m), where the groups stops for lunch in a mountain hut.

The next point to reach is a karst plateau with an average altitude of 800 m, which is named Gorski Kotar – the name literally meaning “the highland district”. The plateau represents a climate barrier between the littoral and the continental part of the country. The rest of the day is spent biking through the beautiful region whose 63% of surface is covered in forest, which is why it is popularly called the green lungs of Croatia. Among other delights to be experienced here is also a single trail of 8 km. Passing by another sports resort and the calm Lokve Lake, the day is wrapped up at Fužine, a beautiful little highland town in the midst of unspoiled nature, which has a long-standing tradition in tourism.

Gravel: 31 km (62 %)
Asphalt: 10 km (20 %)
Single trail: 9 km (18 %)



DAY 02

Conquering a fortified coastal city

DistanceDistance: 64 km
DistanceElevation: 1288 m

The second day of the Trans Croatia biking tour starts with exciting new MTB race trail leading from Fužine to the sea. From the hotel and the pleasant atmosphere of Fužine, the route first runs through the shady area of the mountains just above the coast, and then a single track descends directly to the charming coastal town of  Novi Vinodolski. From there, it is headed to yet another town, the legendary Senj situated at the foothills of the Velebit mountains. The town is well known for its wind as the Velebit mountain range is the area with some of the strongest bora currents. The 145 kilometres long mountain chain situated right along the seaside represents an enormous weather and climate divide between the sharp continental climate of the inlands and the Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic coast. The bora wind blowing around Senj can reach up to 220 kilometres per hour.

The symbol of Senj is the Nehaj Fortress dating back to 1558. For a time, it was the seat of Uskoks, Christian refugees from the Ottoman Bosnia, who settled in the area to protect the Habsburg Empire borderlands.

Gravel: 29 km (46%)
Asphalt: 20 km (30%)
Single trail: 15 km (24%) 

DAY 03

An ascend to heaven

DistanceDistance: 38 km
DistanceElevation: 1838 m

The third day of the Trans Croatia biking tour is devoted to the one of its most challenging parts. Biking up to the mighty Mount Velebit, which is the heart of the Dinaric mountain range, is rewarded with the most beautiful views over the Northern Adriatic coast and its islands. This a short but rather hard ascent starts from the sea level and heads directly towards Velebit. At the Oltare mountain pass, the trail joins the road leading to the entrance of the Northern Velebit National Park from where it continues on gravel to the Zavižan mountain hut, the highest-positioned meteorological station in Croatia, which serves as the overnight base on the tour.

The scenery stretching almost 1600 metres below the standing point offers a priceless experience when enjoyed in the wonderful afternoon vistas of the Northern Adriatic islands. On a clear day, it is possible to see all the way to the Italian Apennines range and, if lucky, one can even see all the way to the famous Dolomite peaks in northern Italy.

Gravel: 20 km (53 %)
Asphalt: 18 km (47 %)
Single trail: 0 km (0 %)


DAY 04

From the mountain heaven to an island paradise

DistanceDistance: 46,5 km
DistanceElevation: 570 m


One of the highlights of the Trans Croatia MTB tour is the trail running along the main Velebit mountains ridge, were participants can explore the lush forests and meadows and enjoy the amazing nature-created shapes of the karstic relief in the Dinaric Alps. After reaching Alan, the area offering the most impressive vistas over Velebit, especially in the direction of the two islands of Rab and Pag, the trail goes downhill towards the Jablanac village at the Adriatic coast. The road combines asphalt, gravel and single trails. At the end, there is a short asphalted road to Stinica, where we the tour takes a ferry to Rab.

Upon the arrival to the Rab island, a shuttle is organized to the town of Lopar, which serves as a base for the next two days. If you would like to do more biking during the day, you can take the adventurous loop around Lopar’s beaches, a truly intriguing ride with sections where one literally has to push the bike to reach the destination. It is not recommended for those who would prefer an easy afternoon biking.

Zavižan – Stinica
Distance: 46,5 km
Elevation: 570 m
Gravel: 28 km (60 %)
Asphalt: 14,5 km (30 %)
Single trail: 4 km (10 %)

Lopar’s loop around beaches (optional)
Distance: 13 km
Elevation: 343 m
Asphalt: 4 km (31 %)
Single trail: 9 km (69 %)

DAY 05

Biking in paradise

DistanceDistance: 48 km
DistanceElevation: 977 m

The island of Rab is 22 kilometres long and 11 kilometres wide, with its highest peak of Kamenjak rising to 408 metres above the sea level. From there, one has a scenic view over Rab and its archipelago, the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Silba, Olib, Krk and Pag, and the Velebit mountains. The island, which was first mentioned around 360 BC, has its name derived from the word Arba, which means “Black island”. This is due to its rich pine forests.

The island remains green to this day, offering great fun for bikers. During the day, the tour combines gravel, asphalt and single trails, with highlights of the day being a visit to the town of Rab as well as taking the Premužić trail and a scenic trail following the coast from town of Rab.

Frequently awarded as the best tourist destination in the Adriatic region, the town of Rab sits on a narrow sliver strip of land protruding towards the mainland, which is bounded by the ancient city walls and recognisable by the four church towers that form the familiar outline depicting Rab as a four-masted ship.

A long climb awaits at the beginning of the tour, which is then continued with several short climbs and descents. The beach in Lopar, which serves the tour as a base, was elected one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you did not have a chance to explore the region a day earlier, now is a perfect time to do the Lopar beach loop.

Gravel: 20 km (41 %)
Asphalt: 20 km (41 %)
Single trail: 8 km (18 %)




DAY 06

One paradise lost, another one won

DistanceDistance: 53,34 km
DistanceElevation: 1288 m

The first morning activity on day six is island hooping. The ferry takes the bikers to the island of Krk to enjoy two days of the beautiful Krk Ring Tour, which mostly runs along the coast. It is all about biking the scenic trails with amazing views over the Adriatic Sea, the nearby islands and the Velebit.

Out of the 1185 Croatian islands, only the isle of Krk is dubbed “the golden island”. Its mild climate, strategic geographical position and a variety of beautiful natural sites gave it this name as early as the ancient times (Latin: Insula Aurea). The 45th parallel north runs through the 30 km long island with 190 km of coastal line.

The biking part of the day starts at the parking lot not far from the airport and ends on the other side of the island, in the town of Baška. The highlights of the day include taking a truly beautiful section of a Strava-featured trail that starts the tour, enjoying scenic views at the village of Dobrin, a visit to the stone desert Moon Plateau above Baška, and finally taking the trail from the Plateau to Baška.

Gravel: 24,26 km (45,48 %)
Asphalt: 14,40 km (27 %)
Single trail: 14,68 km (27,52 %)


DAY 07

Fun and relaxation

DistanceDistance: 82 km
DistanceElevation: 1615 m

In the green fertile Baška valley, which is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and figs trees and embraced by the beautiful karst mountain of Velebit, lies one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations – the town of Baška. One of the main reasons to visit Baška is definitely the unique, 1800-metre long pebble beach. Although unfit for biking, it is well worth a visit as it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Nevertheless, Baška offers great infrastructure for bikers and other tourists and makes for a perfect final destination of the Trans Croatia biking tour.

The last day starts in Baška and ends at the very same parking lot where the day before started. The final day starts quite easily, featuring a rather short but steep climb which, after 12 kilometres, rewards bikers with incredible scenic vistas. From that point onwards, a great single trail leads almost directly to the town of Punat. Taking the interchanging asphalt and gravel roads and different trails, the tour continues towards the main settlement on the island, the town of Krk, and later carries on to Porat. Biking through vineyards and olive groves with spectacular views over the coast is a pleasant way to close the week that was packed with fantastic adventures.

Leading from Porat, the last part consists of pleasant trails running along the coast and includes a short climb at the end, all the way to the parking lot where the tour is brought to an end.

Gravel: 35 km (42 %)
Asphalt: 32 km (39 %)
Single trail: 16 km (19 %)


  • 29 September - 6 October, 2019 GUIDED, SELF-GUIDED
  • March - June *TAILOR MADE
  • October - November *TAILOR MADE

Note: In season, any tour can be organised on any date for a group of a minimum of 2 people. Please contact us for any inquiries.

Price for guided TRANS CROATIA tour includes:

  • 7 nights accommodations in 3-4 star hotels/pensions (accommodation Zavizan in a mountain hut)
  • 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners, all meals with local/ typical touch
  • Fully qualified and experienced mountain bike guide for the duration of your trip
  • Baggage transfer between stages
  • Navigation pack: GPS track, maps, tour booklet
  • Accompanied local driver following the group from Senj to Čavle
  • Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
  • Ferry ride fees
  • 24/7 hotline number (support)

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.


Price excludes:

  • Travel and activity insurance
  • personal safety & cycling equipment
  • lunches
  • all beverages with included meals
  • any other items not mentioned as included.

Price for self-guided TRANS CROATIA tour includes:

  • 7 nights accommodations in 3-4 star hotels/pensions (accommodation Zavizan in a mountain hut)
  • 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners, all meals with local/ typical touch
  • Baggage transfer between stages
  • Navigation pack: GPS track, maps, tour booklet, Skype call
  • Accompanied local driver following the group from Senj to Čavle
  • Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
  • Ferry ride fees
  • 24/7 hotline number (support)

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.


Price excludes:

  • Travel and activity insurance
  • personal safety & cycling equipment
  • lunches
  • all beverages with included meals
  • any other items not mentioned as included.

Would you like to customize this tour?

Aren’t you trained enough? Would you like a different starting or arriving point, or a break day before, after or during the tour?

Send us an e-mail:


The adventure starts and ends in a small village of Čavle, near Rijeka (Croatia). The parking is free of charge.


Three international airports are located within an hour drive from Zagreb (Croatia), Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). For your convenience, a shuttle can be arranged from any of these locations.


After crossing the Slovenian-Austrian border at the Karavanke tunnel, take the highway towards south – the direction of Ljubljana, and then the one towards Koper. Exit the highway at Postojna and drive towards Ilirska Bistrica and Rijeka. From the Croatian border at Jelšane/Rupa, take a 15-minute drive to Rijeka and follow the signs for Čavle.

If you come via Zagreb, take the highway towards Rijeka and then follow the signs for Čavle.


Our tours are mostly operated through small towns and villages. We always make efforts to select the most authentic and visitor-friendly accommodation and dining arrangements available. That way the tour groups can enjoy local hospitality and great food on the entire route.


The accommodation in Zavižan is organised in a mountain hut. Please note this is a basic accommodation with no showering facilities, where sleeping arrangements are provided in shared rooms and dinner is prepared by one of the tour staff members. Albeit simple, the arrangement offers a unique experience.


  • One guided group can include a maximum of 8 people.
  • Every evening a briefing session is organised, where the guide(s) reveal details about the next day’s tour, including the altitude, length, difficulty etc.
  • Alternative trails can usually be chosen to allow variations according to the specific requirement of each group.
  • The meeting instructions and final trip arrangements are sent to participants two weeks before the tour start date.

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