Wild life watching



3 days

Suitable for

Small groups, Families, Couples


November - March

Physical difficulty


The possibility of meeting

Wolf, Lynx, Forest Birds, Owls, Deer

The programme is intended for all enthusiastic observers of wildlife and is very suitable for photographers. The two days full of adventures are suitable for those who want to discover the magic of unspoiled nature, enjoy the magnificence and appeal of the Kočevje forests, and meet their inhabitants in the winter.

Since Kočevsko lies just behind the Dinaric barrier, which acts as a natural obstacle to moist air masses, the snow here is more frequent and abundant than elsewhere. The unspoilt wild landscape through which the group will snowshoe while looking for traces of wolves and other wildlife represents an ideal environment for active winter holidays.

More than half of Slovenia is covered in forests that provide a living environment to many animal species. In Kočevje, the forest coverage is even greater as more than 80% of the territory is covered in forest, and one can find many remains of old-growth, primaeval forests, where nothing but nature has ruled for millennia without any human intervention. Kočevsko actively preserves this valuable heritage, especially by establishing forest reserves, which permanently protect the old-growth forest remains, i.e. the examples of rare tree-related structures and habitats found in deep karst hollows, sinkholes and caves, and along walls or karst streams. The reserves serve as a type of ecological cells for animal species that need old-growth forests for their existence.

Responsible and sustainable forest management became a tradition in the area, since as early as 1892, the then owners began to exclude the Rajhenavski Rog forest from any kind of economic use. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Kočevsko is also the cradle of responsible coexistence of humans and wild animals, in particular beasts, and that this area is one of the few in Europe, where the following three large beasts can still be found in the natural environment: the brown bear, the grey wolf and lynx. A sustainable approach, even in tourism development, has minimal impact on the environment, especially on the wilderness. Too much human contact with wild animals can cause many adverse consequences for wildlife, which is why it is even more important to provide controlled and properly guided watching of these animals. The afore mentioned Kočevsko tradition serves as the baseline of programmes for the observation of wild beasts and other animals. The programmes have been upgraded with educational content which allows the visitor to acquire the basic knowledge for understanding the vital needs and habits of wild animals. With the help of experienced guides, animal observation is friendly to nature and its inhabitants.

Wolf photo credit: Marjan Artnak



DAY 01

Introduction to wilderness

The winter adventure begins late in the afternoon at Ranch Marina, which will be the starting point for tracking trips over the following days. After a meeting with the guide and once the participants get settled in the comfortable rooms, a lecture will be held in Kočevska Reka. The lecture is intended to familiarise them with the environment of wild beasts which live in the Kočevje forests, such as the wolf, the bear and the lynx, as well as their habits, and also the methods of tracking them down, which the group will use over the following days. The guide will inform the group about proper behaviour while tracing the signs of wild animals to ensure a completely safe experience that will be friendly to both the landscape and its inhabitants. The lecture is followed by dinner.

DAY 02


After breakfast, the group takes off to the first point of tracking which takes place all morning. After lunch, the tracking is continued at another location; depending on the weather conditions and the fitness of the group, it can also be replaced by making soap in the form of lynxes and bear paws or various ceramic products. These activities are also available in the evening.

DAY 03

Tracking and departure

The last day will starts with a breakfast followed by a short tracking at one location; and after the snack, we will continue with a two-hour tracking at another location. The adventure ends with lunch at one of the local inns.

Tour type

Price for the guided wolf tracking tour includes:

• 2-night accommodation

• 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, all meals with a typical local touch

• Non-alcoholic beverages with all meals

• Highly qualified and experienced guide for the duration of the trip

• Snowshoes in case of snow

• Workshop on producing bear paw shaped soap

• Snacks

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.


The “Winter Wolf Tracking” programme starts and ends at the town of Kočevje, which is located in the southern part of Slovenia.


There are 3 international airports (Ljubljana, Zagreb and Trieste) within a maximum distance of a 2.5-hour drive from Kočevje. Transfers can be arranged from any of these airports and from Ljubljana or other cities. Please contact us if you would like us to provide one for you.


The easiest access to Kočevje is from Ljubljana; leave the Ljubljana ring at the Škofljica exit and drive in the direction of Kočevje.


  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • Before the tour, the guide will provide important information the participants need to know before starting the journey. Before the beginning of each day’s tour, the guide will supply detailed information about the daily programme.
  • The participants will receive the complete and detailed information about the programme fourteen days before their arrival.

Mandatory equipment: hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing, cap or headgear, warm gloves, water bottle (agency provides the snowshoes)


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