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Trans Alpe Adria – from Ljubljana over Bloke plateau to Kočevje

We’re moving on towards the last part of the Trans Alpe Adria mountain bike tour! Along these two stages, one can experience the incredible diversity of the landscape and the beauty of wild Slovenia nature. Directly from the hustle and bustle of the capital city and through beautiful suburban trails on Golovec hill, across the vast plains of Ljubljana Marshes and its UNESCO historical heritage, high over the Mt. Krim and through the wild gorge of Zala river, finally ascending to the ancient and remote Bloke plateau. On the next day, the wild and remote landscape slowly turns into even wilder and lonelier vast forests of the Kočevje region, where meeting wildlife is nothing unusual. And crème de la crème – ending your adventurous journey by descending through one of the best mountain bike trail centers in the country!

Early morning in the centre of Ljubljana, just below the Castle hill

Pristine forests and meadows of Rakitna

Down to the fresh valley of the Zala river

Next day, starting at the Bloke lake near Volčje

Early spring colours

Gentiana Verna, the spring gentian, is a species of the genus Gentiana and one of its smallest member (in Slovene we say “spomladanski svišč”, try to pronounce that 😅 )

Hmmm, where is the owner?

Speaking about wildlife… 😊

MTB Trail Centre – a good and funny descent for every skill level!

A nice flow trail like this…

… or something a bit more challenging for the adrenaline experts 😊

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trans alpe adria mtb tour

Trans Alpe Adria

Mountain bike tour

Trans Slovenia 01

Mountain bike tour

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Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain bike tour

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