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Winter mountain bike adventures

It’s this time of the year when one would think mountain biking in Slovenia isn’t the first choice of sport to practice outside in cold winter conditions. One couldn’t be more wrong! It’s true it’s hard to do longer multi-day stages of the Trans Slovenia route or other longer mountain bike trips, but climbing up the local mountains and enjoying snow descents along its many diverse trails is just super fun. Mtb Slovenia – never stop exploring!

Winter fun! On the top of abandoned ski slope, looking directly to the Julian Alps and its highest peak, Mt. Triglav

Sometimes, snow conditions and temperatures permitting, it can be just a normal winter day, spent together with friends biking in Slovenia

Anyone recognizes this mountain in a winter frame?

Fast-freezing descent

Following the trail

Where to?

With love from Slovenia cycling holidays

No matter the time of the day or the weather conditions, it’s just super fun to enjoy winter on a bike as well!

Snow curves

Crunching of frozen grass

Kamniško-Savinjske Alps, a Trans Slovenia perspective from the Karst region

On skis or bikes, fresh snow is best while biking in Slovenia in winter

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