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GoodPlace is everything that the enthusiastic traveler is looking for; A cycling and outdoor agency, exploring destinations that include a wealth of natural beauty, vibrant history, rich culture and superb biking.

Travelling and the bicycle have been in a serious committed relationship for centuries, as just about every environment you wish to explore is accessible with a trusty bike. And the world is always eager to offer options aplenty for leisurely peddlers and hardcore asphalt-eaters alike.
Our mission is to create authentic and unique experience for our cycling and outdoor guests while supporting responsible trade and nature preservation. Therefore, we develop our tours working with nature, being friendly to travelers and locals at the same time. Active, adventurous, healthy, green and local. These are the main things that identify us as a cycling and outdoor tourism agency.



Well prepared
A proper outdoor experience requires the right preparation, skills, practice and well prepared sense of know-how. We cannot do everything, but what we do – we do it well.


We rely on locals
Active holidays in Slovenia are extremely popular. But only if you know where to go, when and how to do it – it can become an unforgettable experience. We’re locals helping you organize the trip of the lifetime.

Tailor-made adventures
Flexibility creates a unique experience. We are here for you to plan a tailor–made adventure adjusted according to your capabilities and needs.

Sustainable Tourism
We strive to preserve the environment, promote local culture & products, while motivating our partners & clients to do the same. Cycling routes are a great example of sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism and the only path to long-term success.


All GoodPlace members share their enthusiasm and deep passion for the outdoor sports, love of biking, travel and adventures, knowledge of the region and fun spirit. Our perfectly sized team is building their dreams upon creating tours with carefully selected trails, always in search for new destinations and inspiring environment, all topped off with fun and the desire to share all of their knowledge with you.

Jan Klavora

One of the first gentleman of GoodPlace, a founder and partner. He is a man of action, switching from words to concrete actions in record time. An avid cyclist with a green heart. He immerses himself in each task with great passion and dedication. Creator of sports tourism products and head of GoodPlace’s cyclist tourism section. His main asset is his excellent orientation that guides him in the right direction in life and at work.

Jana Apih

The first lady of GoodPlace, a founder and partner. She is an ambassador of green “development” and a big supporter of teamwork. She deeply believes that greatness can only be achieved by networking and collaboration. This green traveler and sportswoman is radiating energy that connects people, showing the remarkable ability to empower others to see the solution in place of encountering problems.

Katja Defrančeski

Katja is the perfect fit to GoodPlace team, sharing her enthusiasm for outdoor activities, a creative environment and interesting work in diverse fields. Finding her way back to her soul team, she introduced a fresh and simple energy, with effective solutions to the product creation. An organizer by heart and a partner, she easily spreads her never ending energy, making sure that the outcome she provides gives clear, simple and comprehensive results. She is constantly in search for balance, finding her peace in travels, tasting good food and wines and can always be found in a good company.

Matija Klanjšček - Matic

Being a geodesist by profession, Matic had been active in the field of cartography and marine hydrography for a long time, he made a decision to start his own business (and later on to join the GoodPlace team), which is partly connected with primary expertise of spatial informatics and gradually more and more with mountain bike guiding and the growth of tourism products related to it.  During his youth he was active in sports, particularly in athletics at the beginning, but later on he was more devoted to mountaineering challenges. As climbing and expeditions took a lot of time, the passion for alpinism was progressively replaced by cycling. In recent years, mountain biking connected with guiding, which represents the basic form of spending free time, and gradually also working time actively, has stood out.

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