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Live webinars in January 2024: Cycling, MTB, Gravel and Hiking in Slovenia

Are you interested in exploring Slovenia (and the surrounding countries) by bike or on foot, but would you like a little more insider information? Together with our guides, we are […]

Give the gift of a lifetime experience

We are in the middle of the month of giving. Have you thought that this year, instead of ‘things’, you would give an experience that your partner, family member or […]

First come, first served: why is it good to book a tour in Slovenia as soon as possible?

When choosing accommodation on both guided and self-guided tours, our first choice is smaller, family-owned hotels and B&Bs. The kind in which we feel good, too. Whenever possible, we also […]

11 tips for Cycling in the rain: advice from experienced Slovenian cyclists

Will it rain on our bicycle tours? Maybe. Are we going to cycle anyway? Most probably we will. Whether you’ll enjoy it, or the rain will spoil the experience, it […]

To e-bike or not to e-bike? Our thoughts about e-bikes for cycling tours in Slovenia

Here are some thoughts about what we think about e-bikes on our road and MTB tours. We also wrote down some tips for carefree e-cycling in Slovenia and the surrounding [...]

Our guide Andrej about cycling in Slovenia and the most interesting touring and MTB tours

Before the upcoming season, we organized two online workshops, in which one of our cycling guides presented why Slovenia (and the surrounding countries) is an excellent destination for cycling adventures […]

WE GO BEYOND: greenwashing, local comunity and taking care of our team

Every year during March, the global B Corp community joins to celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp-certified company. Throughout the month we build awareness and educate different […]

Pets as tourists in Slovenia: Can I join your tour with my dog?

We’ve been getting more and more questions about whether you can bring your pet on our cycling or hiking tours – so far you’ve only asked about dogs. Let’s briefly […]

Join our online events: Traveling across Slovenia & Croatia on a bike

If you'd like a sneak-peek of how some of our tours look like (photos, videos, travel stories...), we're very happy to invite you to our first travelogues for our tours [...]

How we fell in love with gravel bikes – our opinion and photo gallery

Are gravel bikes just a fad, or are ‘racing bikes with offroad tires’ really a good compromise for bike touring? We can tell you from our own experience that we […]

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