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Green experience

Slovenia Green Adventures

Slovenia is truly a green country. It is the third most forested country in Europe, one of the richest in water resources, a country, surrounded by greenery, wherever you look, a country with more than 60% of its nature protected. But green and protected nature is not the only green reason for travel to Slovenia. SSlovenia is also one of the leading countries in sustainable development of tourism with a national certification program Slovenia Green. Slovenia Green recognizes sustainable leadership of destinations and travel suppliers and motivates them for green development with respect for nature, environment and local communities. Visiting Slovenia Green destinations means experiencing unique green stories of Slovenia. Visit-GoodPlace grew from the non-governmental organization GoodPlace, which is running the Slovenia Green program for Slovenian Tourist Board and holds a strong role at development of Slovenian green offer.


Explore some of the best adventures in Slovenia Green Destinations:

Meet the Slovenian Brown bear

Bear watching in Kočevje: Kočevje – Roška trail – Lake Cerknica – Kolpa River
A specialised tour guide takes you to the heart of the brown bear´s kingdom, where you will learn how to behave in relationship with the forest animals. Slovenia is one of the rare countries in Europe with a stable population of brown bears, which are even growing in number and expanding their habitat. There are 500-700 brown bears meandering the green forests of Slovenia. Visit-Goodplace works closely with the Biotechnical Faculty on the Life Dinalp Bear project promoting responsible observation of the mysterious wildlife.

Outdoor heaven between the Alps and the Mediterranean

Hiking and cycling in green Slovenia: Ljubljana – Kamnik – Velika Planina – Kranjska Gora – Idrija
The pristine nature of Slovenia invites you to an active retreat. This outdoor heaven between the Alps and the Mediterranean is best experienced on foot or by bike. One of the most popular activities accompanying the tour is discovering the cultural heritage while strolling through the picturesque historical towns.

Urban history in nature’s embrace

City break in Slovenia: Ljubljana – Žalec – Laško – Velenje – Celje – Podčetrtek – Maribor – Ptuj
Green, active, and healthy Slovenia invites you to enjoy authentic experiences. The lively towns are always close to unspoilt nature. Age-old love stories are hidden in the hearts of Slovenian cities, adding romance and charm to their characters. Travel back to medieval times and feel its pulse intertwined with the modern age.

Fusion of active and culinary retreats

Cycling tour in the emerald Soča valley: Nova Gorica – Brda – Cividale (ITA) – Kobarid
The Soča Valley, one of the most popular European outdoor destinations, is perfect for exploring by bike. Soča river adventures are just as emerald as the water, while the local culinary surprises are even more colourful. The Valley is the homeland of Ana Roš, the World´s Best Female Chef of 2017. Cycling trails in the Vipava Valley and Brda’s vineyards, with a don’t-miss visit to one of the world’s top winemakers, Aleš Kristančič, complete the experience.

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