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Offset your footprint

Visit GoodPlace on the way to carbon-zero tours – and yes, you can help!

The increased consumption of goods and energy, caused by industrialization and population growth, has increased global CO2 emissions to such an extent that it has a significant impact on our climate. Our lifestyles have a big impact on the environment, and it is our responsibility to take action to change the situation.

The best way to reduce CO2 emissions is not to produce any CO2, which is a kind of mission impossible. Our priority should therefore be to avoid and limit our own CO2 emissions. This is what we can do. How?


Visit GoodPlace will take care of CO2 compensation for each day of your tour


As a sustainable travel agent, Visit GoodPlace will take care of that during your tour. We have taken several initiatives to optimize and minimize the carbon footprint, created by our routes. To mention, we have optimized the luggage transfers, we work with local providers, and purchase local products. Additionally, we educate our partners and providers, as well as our guests about sustainable travel. And you, dear customers, help us, too – with traveling by bicycle, on foot, and with a help of public transport (train) when needed.

Photos are from 2022 when we crossed the Karst shortly after the fire. We want to help make it completely green again soon!

We plant trees that inspire and cool cyclists


Using Travelife’s Carmacal tool, we have calculated the carbon footprint of our tours. On average, 30 kg of CO2 emissions is created per person per day on tour. Our goal is not only to compensate for the carbon emissions, created by our business but also to give something back to the environment, which is the main attraction for our guests. In the summer of 2022, we witnessed extensive fires in the Karst, a region in western Slovenia, which is part of the itinerary on most of our tours. We decided to participate in the initiative Drevo za Cerje (A Tree for Cerje) and donate for reforestation and recovery of the area. In this initiative, pine, maple, and oak trees will be planted to revive the forests. Therefore, Visit GoodPlace will donate 0,3 € per guest per day spent on a tour for land revitalization and CO2 compensation*.

*On average one tree consumes approximately 1.000 kg of CO2 in its life span**. The price of one tree in the initiative “A Tree for Cerje” is 10 € and on average, 30 kg of CO2 emissions are created per day on tour. Based on that we decided to use the following conversion: 100 kg CO2 = 1 €.

The above calculation is simple and does not only aim to compensate for the CO2 but has a higher purpose. The Karst region is the area that many of our guests visit during their stay in Slovenia. Our purpose is awareness-raising and at the same time getting involved with a real, hands-on project to help revitalize the environment we promote with our tours. We invite our guests to follow us and commit to the reduction of CO2 emissions (or their prevention) as the first and best measure. Supporting a local campaign (purchasing trees for a specific area) has a positive impact not only on nature but also on the people who live here. Getting actively involved in this initiative, we encourage our guests to do the same and invite them to do something good for the environment.


… and you can also offset the carbon footprint of your transport


We invite you, our dear guests, to join our efforts and do your part to preserve our planet. Every little step counts – let’s do something good together. Here is a simple tool that can help you calculate the carbon footprint created by your travel to Slovenia and back home.


Calculate your carbon footprint:

If you would like to offset the carbon footprint of your own transport before and after the tour, be it by car, train, or plane, let us know when booking. Based on the compensation scheme mentioned above, you can monetize the carbon footprint that you have just calculated.


*On average one tree consumes approximately 1.000 kg of CO2 in its life span**. The price of one tree in the initiative “A Tree for Cerje” is 10 € and on average, 30 kg of CO2 emissions are created per day on tour. Based on that we decided to use the following conversion: 100 kg CO2 = 1 €.

Importantly, this initiative has a higher purpose. As most of our tours lead through the Karst region, which was badly affected by the fires in the summer of 2022, the collected money will be donated for the reforestation of this area (Tree for Cerje). When the season comes to an end, our team will roll up their sleeves and join in the planting of these trees.

Note: Although a specific amount is calculated for your travel, you are not obligated to donate that exact amount. You have the freedom to donate any amount of your choice.



We have an exciting guest coming to Ljubljana all the way from Zurich, Switzerland. He’s ready to embark on the Bike Slovenia Green Gourmet Route and explore the beautiful scenery. However, before he sets off, he wants to be environmentally conscious and check the carbon footprint of his journey. To do this, he’s using the Visit GoodPlace carbon footprint calculator, which takes into account his car’s characteristics and the distance he will be traveling (720km one way, 1440km round trip). After plugging in the numbers, the calculator estimates that his journey will generate 0.25 tonnes (250kg) of CO2e (CO2 equivalent). Now, the guest wants to offset his carbon footprint and help with the reforestation of the Karst region (which, by the way, he will visit during his tour). Following the conversion rate of 100 kg CO2 = 1 €, the guest calculates that he can offset his carbon footprint for just 2.5 €.

For any questions about the calculation or donations, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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