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5 reasons to book your Slovenia hiking holiday with a tour operator

Are you thinking about hiking Slovenia and you are not sure whether to travel individually or book a tour with a tour operator? We firmly believe that either option you go for, you are up for an unforgettable hiking adventure. We can, however, think of five important features of organized Slovenia hiking tours that might make your decision easier.

Save precious time

Our daily lives can be quite stressful and full of errands. Even though we love making travel plans, it is sometimes hard to find sufficient time to prepare for a trip properly. We simply can’t spend hours creating a travel schedule, checking prices and opening times, and wonder how long it will take to get from point A to point B. As an experienced tour operator organizing Slovenia hiking tours, we can do the heavy lifting for you. Your only task is to enjoy. Hiking Slovenia can indeed be simple.

Hike your perfect route

Tour operators know their area of work very well. At Visit GoodPlace we know Slovenian mountains and valleys down to the last detail as many of our team members are enthusiastic hikers. According to your fitness level, technical skills and overall wishes, we can prepare a hiking Slovenia tour of your dreams. You can choose from our offered itineraries, but we can also create a special hiking adventure just for you. Slovenia hiking tours can be short, long, easy, difficult, and everything in between. Let us know about your wants and needs and we promise to deliver. 

Never get lost

There are numerous paths crossing the scenic mountain ranges of Slovenia. While most of them are well marked, it is easy to miss a signpost when you are distracted by the incredible surroundings. This is why we always equip our guests with a top-quality navigation package. All of our GPX tracks have been field-tested and are therefore extremely accurate. During our Slovenia hiking tours, you can also be accompanied by our specialised hiking guides, who know almost every pebble along the way. When Hiking Slovenia with the help of a tour operator, the only thing you will lose are your worries.

Enjoy 24/7 assistance

What if you sprain an ankle or it rains or…? Well, you know. When you travel individually, you need to figure these things out by yourself, but when you book Slovenia hiking tours with a tour operator such as Visit GoodPlace, there is always help available. Call, email us, or send a messenger bird. It’s our job to resolve any issue you might encounter while hiking Slovenia (not that we expect you to 😊). 

Travel locally 

A huge amount of information about hiking Slovenia can be found online. However, nothing beats the tips of locals with a strong passion for the outdoors. We want to show you the best Slovenia has to offer and this often doesn’t include the most famous tourist attractions, trails, and mountain huts. We take you to truly authentic, boutique places, which don’t always appear in Google search. You can also be sure that on our Slovenia hiking tours we give priority to sustainability-oriented service providers and destinations that follow the green vision of Slovenia.

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