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5 reasons why fall is a great season for hiking and mountain biking in Slovenia

While Slovenia invites for thrilling outdoor activities all year round, fall holds a special place in our hearts. When kids go back to school, the summer heat subsides, and leaves start to change colour, comes one of the most magical times to explore the country and its trails. And after a summer full of outdoor fun, you are also in excellent shape to do so. Check out the top 5 reasons why fall is a great time for hiking Slovenia, as well as for mountain biking Slovenia.

Stunning colours

No other season prompts you to pause and look around quite like fall. Bright colours call your attention towards the trees full of red, yellow and orange hues. The diverse landscapes of Slovenia only get more beautiful when the leaves are colouring. Hiking Slovenia and mountain biking Slovenia during the fall, therefore, offer numerous opportunities for spectacular photography. Whether you are a professional, amateur, or novice photographer, you are bound to get some amazing shots while hiking or biking in fall.

bike in autumn colors

Perfect temperatures

We love summer, but climbing uphill at over 30 °C (86 °F) can be a bit much even for the most enthusiastic hikers and mountain bikers. That is why it is so refreshing to hit the trails in the fall months. With pleasant temperatures, less humidity, and crisp air, there is no need to rest in a shade during the hot part of the day. Regulating your body temperature is much easier and dehydration is far less of a concern. On the other hand, there is still plenty of sun and nature is still very much alive. You can strip down to shorts and a T-shirt during the day and layer up in the evenings. In September it’s usually even still warm enough for some wild swimming. Another benefit of the fall is that mosquitos are gone until the next summer, so you can chill at any part of the day without worrying about bites.

Early to mid-fall is the ideal time to go hiking Slovenia, especially to its highest peaks that usually lose their snowy cover no earlier than in July. Fall is also the best time to visit the wine regions of Slovenia since the harvest season is in full swing. Mountain biking Slovenia includes trails above and through vineyards, from which you can admire mesmerizing views of the transforming nature.

perfect temperatures for biking

Wildlife watching

Slovenia is known as a country of forests, as they cover nearly 60 % of its surface. It boasts diverse and well-preserved natural habitats, which results in rich biodiversity. During fall many furry inhabitants of Slovenian forests are making final preparations for winter by gathering extra food and readying shelters. The chances of seeing wildlife while hiking Slovenia or mountain biking Slovenia during fall increase. Spotting squirrels, deer, rabbits, foxes, and other animals in their natural environment can make your hiking or mountain biking tour in Slovenia truly unforgettable. In case you are really into wildlife watching, you can also join one of our special wildlife tours.

Bear in forest kočevsko in slovenia

Empty trails

We know that heavy traffic and crowded trails can be a real bummer. Luckily, Slovenia offers many off-the-beaten-track adventures where you will hardly run into other tourists. You can also avoid the crowds by hiking Slovenia and mountain biking Slovenia in the fall. School is back and that means fewer travel plans for families. When hitting the trails in fall you will mostly meet local outdoor fans, which will make your experience more authentic. Fall is also a great time to visit some of Slovenia’s many medieval castles without standing in line.

empty trails

The abundance of fresh produce

In Slovenia, we love to cultivate our own food. Even in cities, many people have small gardens, where they grow vegetables, legumes, potatoes, herbs, etc. Accommodation providers and restaurants are known to use local-grown and seasonal food, which is not only healthy but also extremely tasty. The concept of “farm-to-table” reaches its annual peak right at the turn of seasons. Produce harvested in summer months is safely stored, while fall treats such as apples, pears, plums, khakis, pumpkins, mushrooms, and chestnuts spice up the menu. Grapes are ripe and ready to be harvested and turned into delicious wine. Hiking Slovenia and mountain biking Slovenia in the fall months is therefore not only refreshing, colourful, and authentic, but very tasty as well.

family dinner
wildlife watching bear

Bear watching in Slovenia - weekend getaway

Wildlife watching

Walk of peace over soca river 2

Walk of peace

hiking tour

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