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Top 5 reasons to go cycling on your honeymoon

We admit that all-inclusive resorts and romantic getaways have their perks, but some couples simply wouldn’t feel like themselves if they didn’t cement their marriage with a few days of adventure. For those in search of some post-wedding excitement, Slovenia cycling holidays are the way to go.

Cycling tours Slovenia are the perfect opportunity to discover the country’s magical landscapes with your special one, while indulging in local cuisine and getting used to the words husband and wife. Whether you prefer to cycle alone or join other cycling enthusiasts, hire a guide or pick a self-guided tour, challenge yourself on hidden mountain trails or rather enjoy leisure cycling along the coast… Unforgettable romantic adventures await.

Deepen Your Connection

Despite just beginning your journey as husband and wife, there’s no time like the present to deepen the connection with one another. Your cycling honeymoon is one of the best chances you’ll have to talk, explore, observe, and connect.

Cycling gets your heart rate up, realising different kinds of pleasure chemicals that will make you feel closer to each other. Just like the butterflies, you felt when you first started dating, cycling will alter parts of your brain that have to do with deepening feelings of deep love, safety, and romance. Cycling tours Slovenia gives you an opportunity to get to know each other in a whole new way and strengthen your relationship.


Escape the Crowds and De-stress

In times of hectic lifestyles and over-crowded tourist spots, finding peace in an unspoiled natural environment feels like a blessing. Leaving noisy crowds behind, it is time to breath-in the fresh air, relax, and forget about the hustle of planning the wedding. Cycling on your honeymoon is a perfect way to de-stress and forget about your worries, which is exactly what should happen on your first romantic getaway together.

A cycling trip is not about a timetable. Tailor-made cycling tours Slovenia enables you to pick your own pace and adjust it along the way. After cycling, there is plenty of time to explore new places, or simply sit back and enjoy: to read books on balconies overlooking beautiful historic towns, sip delicious local wine, and watch the sunset over the sea.

Slovenia cycling holidays invite you to visit small authentic villages, where friendly locals still know how to slow down and enjoy life. With a heart-warming home-made dish and wonderful views of the peaceful green surroundings, it would be hard not to.

honeymoon cycling slovenia

Stay Fit and Healthy

Experts say exercise brings a couple closer. Additionally, cycling burns a lot of calories and strengthens a wide range of body muscles. Instead of finishing your honeymoon in a need of detox, you will return home feeling healthier and stronger. You won’t even realize you are working out, because of all the fun you’ll be having.

A combination of exercise, romantic sights, and new adventures is a recipe for a unique honeymoon. Choosing one of the amazing cycling tours Slovenia, you won’t just have healthier bodies – you’ll have a healthier relationship as well!

Explore the Destination in a Whole New Way

Exploring a destination on two wheels allows you to see it in a whole new way. On a bicycle, you are able to see details you’d never catch when driving, as you can move at your own pace. At the same time, it allows you to move much faster than on foot, so you are still able to discover a variety of landscapes. In a country as diverse as Slovenia, this is especially relevant. Slovenia cycling holidays offer you to literally cycle through a different landscape every day.

Each day of a cycling honeymoon is a new adventure, bringing the opportunity to explore a new place, its secrets, and delicacies. It is like Christmas morning on repeat.


Make Life-long Memories

Is there a better way of starting the journey of your lives together than with an adventure? We don’t think so. Admiring the Adriatic Sea from a medieval castle after a challenging climb is amazing. But what is even more amazing is seeing your partner’s smile when taking in the view. Sharing each and every moment of cycling tours Slovenia with one another is what really creates life-long memories.

With numerous romantic moments, Slovenia cycling holidays will show you that classic honeymoon expectations and an active vacation aren’t mutually exclusive. We do strongly believe, however, that a cycling honeymoon is way more fun!

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cycling tour

Trans Slovenia 01 Kolovrat mountaing biking

Trans Slovenia 01

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