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Why are our Bike Slovenia Green tours special?

We put together a list of 7 reasons why our Bike Slovenia Green tours are special.

  • Bike Slovenia Green tours connect destinations that have been awarded the Slovenia Green certificate by committing to a green future and developing their tourism in a sustainable manner. Slovenia Green is based on the globally recognized criteria of the Green Destinations Standard, awarded by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
  • The cycling tour participants, accommodation providers, tour guides and luggage carriers all receive a special Code of conduct for responsible behaviour during the tour. Our guides are additionally trained about the sustainability aspects of travel.
  • Our key aim is to make Bike Slovenia Green tours carbon neutral. The tours are designed in a way to minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible. The remaining emissions are compensated with donations to local sustainability initiatives.
  • Using a bicycle to travel around a destination is an environmentally friendly choice. Wherever cycling is not a possibility, we prioritize travel by train.
  • Bike Slovenia Green tours are designed in a way to avoid the use of single-use plastics as much as possible. Since Slovenia boasts potable water of incredible quality, the use of single-use plastic bottles is strongly discouraged.
  • We wish our tours to leave a beneficial impact on the environment and the local communities. We prioritize small, family-run accommodation. We encourage businesses to join sustainability schemes and choose certified service providers whenever possible.
  • We always look for authentic boutique stories. We work with small wineries and seek out local artisans, cheesemakers and beekeepers. Bike Slovenia Green tours are focused on discovering hidden gems, while avoiding overly visited tourist spots.


Because of its clear sustainable orientation the project got a lot of attention from media – Lonely Planet, National Geographic and The Guardian all covered the story of Bike Slovenia Green.

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